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Black History Style

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Johnny Hodges

Alright, it’s Black History Month and that means it’s time to celebrate the pivotal cultural, scientific and political achievements of some of America’s most important individuals. (Sounds kind of stale doesn’t it?) Among the lauded are the usual suspects: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, etc…but what about those other guys? The ones that changed history by not only combating against American racism, but also redefining and tweaking American style in ways that are still relevant today. The blog, Street Etiquette has teamed up with GQ to present a feature entitled, The Birth of Cool: 20 Black Style Pioneers, which presents to us twenty individuals who had pivotal roles in defining the sartorial image of the modern black man. Finally, a refreshingly new perspective in teaching history.

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Shipley & Halmos F/W 10

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Shipley & Halmos have been a favorite of mine for quite some time now. I love how their stuff is simplistic, clean with a small injection of fashion. Their no-frills approach to design really makes them stand out from most fashion labels. The guys over at GQ have the entire F/W collection on their site. I suggest you take a look here

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Are You a Blipster?

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theRoot has a very interesting article about the rise of the Black Hipster or “Blipster”, as they are called. This is a trend that can be found in every major urban area on the East Coast and probably out West too. I was Canada last month and they have them there too! If you’re not sure what a Blipster is or whether or not you are one, read the article here or take my short quiz below.

1. Are you black?

2. Do you shop at H&M, Urban Outfitters or American Apparel more than twice a month?

3. Do you drink cheap American beer out of a can?

4. Are your jeans able to comfortably accomodate a wallet, cell phone, mp3 player and a pack of Altoids?

5. Have you been to more than one indie music show in the past three months?

6. Do you currently or plan to own a pair of black plastic-framed glasses?

7. Do you currently or plan to own a pair of Oakley Frogskins or RayBan Wayfarers?

8. Do you hate the word “Hipster” or “Blipster”?

9. Have you been accused of being a “Hipster” or “Blipster” in the past year?

10. Did you own a Kafia (those arabic scarfs) before the debut of Kanye West’s video for “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”?

If you answered yes to 6 out of 10 question then yes you are a Hipster or Blipster. If not, keep trying, you’re almost there!

HUF Fall 08′

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When I first laid eyes on these pieces, I had to clean my glasses and check the captions under the pictures to make sure I was seeing the correct thing. Smart peacoats, timeless leather bombers; surely these cannot be the products of a skate company? Well folks, this fall San Francisco skate store HUF has your sartorial needs covered with a very impressive outerwear collection that puts almighty Supreme to shame. Take a look at the pieces below and be certain that this is not a figment of your imagination.

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Carrot Fall/Winter 08′

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In 1999 Carrot Clothing’s owner and founder, Alex began printing t-shirts with anti-war messages in order to boost morale in his war-torn country of Serbia. Now how many brands can say that they truly have roots planted in revolution and social change? Straight from Southeastern Europe, I present to you, some of the pieces which resonated with me from their Fall/Winter 08′ collection.

Nike Country Split Windrunner

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As the Beijing Summer 08′ Olympics draws near, Nike is pulling out all the stops in showing off their new offerings from their product lines. These new nationalistic Windrunners feature a full length zipper down the back of the garment which allows you to take apart the jacket and mix the halves from different countries creating a very unique look. There is no word on price yet, but check your local Nike Sportswear retailers for more details.

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Nike Flywire

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Always on the cutting edge in sports technology, international sport apparel brand, Nike, is aiming to impress customers again with the development of its new Flywire technology. Unveiled at the Sportswear Exhibition in Beijing, the company plans to revolutionize fabric technology yet again. Using high-tensile Vectran threads, which is stronger than Kevlar, Nike has found a way to add more product stability while simultaneously, decreasing the weight. This new technology is being implemented in the reformulated Air Max 90 and also their Windrunners, which weigh a mere 119g or roughly 4.197oz. Stay tuned for more information on this new revolutionary achievement.

Images: Cool Hunting