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Gatorade Severs Relationship With Tiger Woods

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Tiger's woods are burning down

Gatorade announced late Friday that they will not remain a sponsor for the troubled golfer. Being the third company, behind AT&T and Accenture, to drop Woods, this particular loss is especially significant because of Gatorade’s almost ubiquitous association with sports. As another sponsor chooses to abandon the sinking Tiger ship, it seems very uncertain if Woods will ever regain his former popularity.

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Black History Style

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Johnny Hodges

Alright, it’s Black History Month and that means it’s time to celebrate the pivotal cultural, scientific and political achievements of some of America’s most important individuals. (Sounds kind of stale doesn’t it?) Among the lauded are the usual suspects: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, etc…but what about those other guys? The ones that changed history by not only combating against American racism, but also redefining and tweaking American style in ways that are still relevant today. The blog, Street Etiquette has teamed up with GQ to present a feature entitled, The Birth of Cool: 20 Black Style Pioneers, which presents to us twenty individuals who had pivotal roles in defining the sartorial image of the modern black man. Finally, a refreshingly new perspective in teaching history.

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Alison Brie for Complex Magazine

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Alright, you may not be able to recognize her face or name, but for devoted followers of AMC’s Mad Men, Alison Brie is instantly recognizable as Pete Campbell’s ever-supportive wife “Trudy”. Maybe this photo shoot from Complex might be enough to jog your memory and make you want a slice of Brie. See the gallery here

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Yes He Cannes

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If you thought it was risky to pull off a pink shirt, then this pink suit will have you re-writing your style bibles. Somehow, at the Cannes Film Festival, Brad Pitt manages to perfectly make a loud, but not excessive statement with color without looking like a pack of Skittles. He does it by keeping the cut classic and topping it off with an unexpected warm weather accessory.

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What a Fox

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Is she really that hot? I don’t necessarily think so, but the guys over at Esquire evidently do. Read the full story here.