Enough With the Faux Hawks Already

Really, does it even have to be said? I thought this one would be pretty obvious to anyone with even a smidgen of fashion or common sense. This trend started in or around the early 2000s when then worldwide celebrity, David Beckham, began wearing one during his last years with Manchester United. You first saw it and were like, “Hmm, I’ve never really seen that before”. It was cool because Beckham did it and well, he’s Beckham. He had the “I wear whatever I want” Johnny Depp thing going for him. (And being married to Posh Spice didn’t hurt either).

Fast Forward to 2007 and the shit jumped the shark on American Idol when Sanjaya Malakar made acceptable the god-awful ponyhawk (ponytail+mohawk). We collectively cringed and had a moment of silence for a trend that was thought to have died of natural causes.  However this was not the case; it somehow resurrected itself and jumped from person to person, like the demon in the movie Fallen, and it was then I realized that it was unstoppable. From UFC fighters to rappers to creepy Facebook friends, it crossed all racial and socio-economic  boundaries until it seemed like even the President himself would adopt the trend (“Yes We Can… wear fauxhawks!”). Luckily he did not, nor did any of my friends, but everyone else it seems, hopped on a bandwagon with a seemingly limitless capacity.

Now it’s 2010, the first decade of the millennium is over, we no longer use keys to type and we have a black President. What does this mean? Change, that’s what! So please, enough with the Fauxhawks already.

David Beckham's Fauxhawk

Sanjaya Malakar's Ponyhawk

The Brohawk (Brother+Mohawk)


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