Warning! This is Not a Chick Flick!

The other night I ordered 500 Days of Summer from my cable company. Last summer, I got into the whole indie movie thing (a blipster thing to do) and this movie’s poster was at every small theater that I went to. Thinking that it was just another chick flick intent on playing on the expectations and emotions on a very smart yet highly susceptible female audience, I chose not to waste my money, which makes my aforementioned rental even more puzzling. After watching the film however, I can honestly say that this movie is Not for women.

To call 500 Days of Summer a love story would be disingenuous as it contains little elements found in typical romantic iterations released today. Tom, the protagonist believes in destiny and true love while the antagonist and Tom’s interest, Summer, thinks the idea is laughable. The movie then follows though a sequence of events in a non-linear albeit typical fashion. But, it’s the perspective from which the events are told rather than the events themselves that makes the movie so captivating. Instead of a whiny girl pining for a seemingly unattainable love, we’re given a whiny guy and somehow, that makes the movie all the more palpable. You want this guy to win and you are genuinely upset that the girl doesn’t see how much he cares for her. It’s a feeling that I was very much surprised to have for a fictional character. Now I understand why my ex-girlfriend cried when we watched The Breakup.

500 Days of Summer is neither a chick flick nor a love story. In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend seeing with your girlfriend because quite frankly, she just won’t get it. What the makers of this movie have realized is that you know what, guys have emotions too and every now and then we experience heartbreaks and lost loves just like our female counterparts. Guys don’t need a tear-jerker with a almost too handsome protagonist with a cool career to tell us a love story. All it takes is a character who is indicative of the American guy, you know, someone who is identifiable and somewhat Real. Hollywood, please take notice.


One Response to “Warning! This is Not a Chick Flick!”

  1. A typing pair of breasts. Says:

    “In fact, I wouldn’t even recommend seeing with your girlfriend because quite frankly, she just won’t get it.” Excuse me? Are you serious? Wow. For the record, I’m a chick, and this is one of my favorite movies of all time. Is the fact that I don’t have a penis going to get in the way of my understanding how a dude feels when he experiences unrequited love? No. I’ve been there, so I can fully appreciate Tom’s agony. Saying a woman wouldn’t “get” this film because it’s told from a man’s perspective is like saying a man wouldn’t “get” Fight Club if it was less violent. Hopefully you’ve grown a little in the two years since you posted this and my rambling is out of place. I just needed to vent.

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