Tiger Woods; What I’ve Learned

Once upon a time, men had in their possession a little black book.  Back before the invention of cellphones with internal memory, all of a guy’s female contacts were kept written down on the pages of a compact, nondescript phone book. It didn’t have to be black per se, but any of a multitude colors that matched the owner’s personality. What it did have to be however, was secret. No one, not even your best buddy could know about it (Or he might wonder how his girlfriend’s name wound up in there). All of this has changed with the ubiquity of cell phones, which seem to now dominate every facet of our lives. Now, we essentially carry our cell phones or “super little black books” everywhere with us which exponentially increases the chance that something will be found in forms of sexts, camera phone porn or incriminating contacts (Good luck explaining who “Sexy Lexi” is to your girlfriend). Some men have, as humans inevitably do, adapted by using code names for contacts (Jill becomes Bill), implementing passwords or going to the extreme and buying extra “booty phones” to hide devious behavior. Others, such as Tiger, have not, which has created the requisite artificial shock of finding out another powerful man is having an affair, or two in his case. So, in light of Tiger’s recent “transgressions” we have to ask: Has technology made it impossible for people to cheat and not get caught?


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