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Yes He Cannes

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If you thought it was risky to pull off a pink shirt, then this pink suit will have you re-writing your style bibles. Somehow, at the Cannes Film Festival, Brad Pitt manages to perfectly make a loud, but not excessive statement with color without looking like a pack of Skittles. He does it by keeping the cut classic and topping it off with an unexpected warm weather accessory.

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Is MJ Nervous?

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

From a person who grew up watching Michael Jordan hit shots like this all the time, it’s a little unsettling to see Lebron James do what he did last night. Unsettling? After watching this highlight again, I’m leaning towards amazing.

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Are You a Blipster?

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theRoot has a very interesting article about the rise of the Black Hipster or “Blipster”, as they are called. This is a trend that can be found in every major urban area on the East Coast and probably out West too. I was Canada last month and they have them there too! If you’re not sure what a Blipster is or whether or not you are one, read the article here or take my short quiz below.

1. Are you black?

2. Do you shop at H&M, Urban Outfitters or American Apparel more than twice a month?

3. Do you drink cheap American beer out of a can?

4. Are your jeans able to comfortably accomodate a wallet, cell phone, mp3 player and a pack of Altoids?

5. Have you been to more than one indie music show in the past three months?

6. Do you currently or plan to own a pair of black plastic-framed glasses?

7. Do you currently or plan to own a pair of Oakley Frogskins or RayBan Wayfarers?

8. Do you hate the word “Hipster” or “Blipster”?

9. Have you been accused of being a “Hipster” or “Blipster” in the past year?

10. Did you own a Kafia (those arabic scarfs) before the debut of Kanye West’s video for “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”?

If you answered yes to 6 out of 10 question then yes you are a Hipster or Blipster. If not, keep trying, you’re almost there!

What a Fox

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Is she really that hot? I don’t necessarily think so, but the guys over at Esquire evidently do. Read the full story here.

State Appeal

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I tell you, Obama really makes it hard to hate him, doesn’t he? In his ASU commencement speech, he is genuinely funny. (Not Dane Cook funny, but you know, the kind of funny that actually makes you laugh), all while driving home some important messages.

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Lupe Fiasco – Shining Down (Ft. Matthew Santos) [Full/Low Quality]

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Ok, I know it sounds like it was recorded with a Talkboy, but bare with me. If you get past the quality aspect of it, it’s actually a really good song.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Doggie Coin-Op

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Just when yout thought The United States was the laziest country on Earth, our buddies over in France decide to one-up us. No, this is not the work of photoshop, these are real pictures of dogs in…washing machines? I just don’t understand why not just have a doggie shower or somethng? The enclosed nature of the machine seems kind of cruel and torture-esque. Looks like the CIA’s waterboarding techniques have been adopted by our revolutionary brethren. The effects of president Bush are still being felt.