A Reasonable Doubt

An artist’s career should follow the same developmental path as the life of a human being. Like a human life, there should be a birth, followed by a maturity stage and subsequently end with a death.  Jay-Z, one of the best and most famous rappers of the past decade, lyrically has experienced some serious developmental problems in his career. I would argue that the demise of his lyrical “life” occurred on The Blueprint in which Eminem clearly outshone him on the “Renegade” track. Now lyricists from Lupe Fiasco to T.I. are getting the best of the veteran. These new talents represent a sound that that old dog hasn’t been able to emulate. Since his debut, there has been very little growth shown on the part of Jay-Z; the same topics and references used in 1997 were being used in 2007. As a fan, I want to see my favorite artists mature and tackle new subjects as their career develops. The subsequent fame gained after Reasonable Doubt made Jay-Z lazy and uninterested in furthering his talent. He became more of a businessman and less of a rapper as the years progressed and this fact is wholly reflected in his rhymes. In my opinion, he should have made The Black Album his last one and went out on top of the game.


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