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Diesel XXX Global Event

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With the success of Nike’s recent Human Race event last month,  you would think more companies would follow suit…hey what do you know, it seems as if Italian retailer Diesel is following in the sportswear’s giant footsteps. The company is launching a somewhat cryptic event which will take place in 17 different cities worldwide with live performances by some of the music industry’s biggest. Check out the promotional video below which, I think, has something to do with the event.

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Rising Thought

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Philadelphia (or Philly as it is more aptly known). A forgotten, former U.S. capital city nestled  somewhere between the nation’s current capital to it’s south, and the financial and cultural behemoth that is NYC to the north. A city more known for producing cheeseteaks and homicides rather than top tier rappers, Philadelphia has been cultivating something special for a great while.  And out of the cracked paved streets of the city, a musical wildflower by the name of Black Thought has been secretly blossoming for well over a decade. Not one of the prettiest flowers in the hip hop wilderness or even the most complex , Black Thought’s lyrical prowess is almost unlike any other that I’ve ever heard. He represents a throwback, existing before the days of overextended metaphors or lyrics about what person designed your clothes. But like a simple white dress shirt, no matter the season nor the year, he never goes out of style. Together with his band, The Roots, he tours the world constantly and not at stadium-sized venues, but instead, shitty bars in no-name towns like Allentown, PA where the cost of a ticket is less than a 59FIFTY. All of this touring has garnered a well-sized international fan base and critical claim, but sadly, the domestic love has yet to pour out.  So next time you’re in a record store (if you can find one) or on you’re file-sharing site of choice, stop looking up at hip hop redwoods like Jay-Z or Lil’ Wayne and look down at the lyrical wildflower that is Black Thought.

Welcome to the 21st Century

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If you thought the craze that was Y2K symbolized the start of the 21st century, then you were sadly mistaken. Esquire magazine’s editor-in-chief, Eric Granger is insistent that its metaphorical beginning has already crept up on us like a dreaded trip to the dentist, and that this new era will most certainly change the manner in which we view ourselves relative to the global community. Read the article here

The Daily Commuter

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This should resonate well to those of you out there that conduct in the daily 9-5 grind. Greek graphic design duo Supermandolini, has created jewelry using the recognizable silhouette of a typical commuter in a suit. The duo says that this image will come to represent the era in which we currently live and will be just as iconic as knights or pin-up girls. With business attire trending towards being informal I don’t think this image is as iconic as the duo purports but nonetheless, it’s a pretty cool necklace that conveys the attitudes of the modern-day commuter.

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Madlib feat. Talib Kweli – What It Do

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I just found this new track from producer Madlib and well-known emcee Talib Kweli. I really think that Madlib has one of the most versatile record collections of any other hip hop producer today. It is truly a shame that he does not receive more credit, as he is without a doubt, one of the best producers in the game. Check out the new track for yourself and see what I’m talking about.

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Fallacy of Rome

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If you’ve purchased or downloaded Lupe Fiasco’s latest album, The Cool, then you might have heard the unconventional Chicagoan self promote his anticipated clothing line, Fallacy of Rome, which will have Le Messie and Amanda, the duo behind FALSE, at the helm. Inspiration for the artist’s new line comes from the demise of the Roman Empire, a time when the lavishness and exuberance faded and a new and simpler time had begun. This idea will surely be implemented as most pieces in the Fall/Winter collection will have modest and clean design aesthetics. Check out the preview website here, which has timer that’s actively counting down to the launch date.

Lupe Fiasco feat. Pharrell, Sarah Green & Q-Tip – Paris Tokyo [Remix]

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I just heard this for the first time and I must say that remix is very impressive and shines even more than the original. Pharrell raps and sings on the tack, but ditches the falsetto (a welcomed change) for a more a natural sound. Q-tip proves to disbelievers that legends never truly die and Lupe is well…Lupe as usual. But the big surprise here is 1st & 15th’s own Sarah Green, whose voice meshes perfectly with the jazzy sound of the track and also displays a bit of rhyming ability which would make Lauryn Hill pay attention.