MTV’s Hottest MCs in the Game

As many of you already know, MTV released another list consisting on whom they believe to be the hottest MCs in the game right now. The list goes as follows:

1. Kanye West

2. Jay-Z

3. Lil’ Wayne

4. Rick Ross

5. Snoop Dogg

6. 50 Cent

7. Lupe Fiasco

8. Young Jeezy

9. Andre 3000

10. T.I.

I’d thought that I would never say this but, I think that the list is pretty accurate even though I am not a fan of most of the MCs on it. Now before all the backpackers and “true” hip hop heads shout blasphemy, hear me out. This list is compiled of the hottest MCs in the game, not the most talented. When you view it in this aspect then the list’s composition seems more and more precise. Think about the people you see on the music videos, hear on the radio (if you still listen), the ones that have been generally “hot” over the past year or two. If you factor all of those things into the decision making process, then you realize that the panelists at MTV have done a pretty respectable job. Sure, I would have loved for the list to have some of my favorites like Travis McCoy, Phonte, or MF DOOM, but the fact of the matter is, these MCs generate little to no buzz. What really surprises me however, is the inclusion of Andre 3000 and not Black Thought of The Legendary Roots Crew. Don’t get me wrong, Andre 3000 is a good rapper, but when did he become top tier in the game? He’s a part of one of the best duos in hip hop history and an amazing creative talent, but he virtually has no buzz and his lyrical ability is a little unexceptional. If people want to respond to that and say that Black Thought is a little too underground for the list, then what about Common, a highly talented MC who has risen to mainstream success and critical claim over the past couple of years and is about to release his next album this summer. I could dissect this list all day, but in the end, I have to commend MTV for compiling a seemingly impossible list that really reflects the current state (good or bad) of hip hop today.


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