Hip Hop Commercialism

Renown hip hop artists KRS-One, Common, and Q-Tip will produce a slew of commercials to promote alcohol company Smirnoff’s new signature drink series. The artists will team up with producers, Just Blaze, DJ Premier and Cool and Dre to rework tracks for the commercials. As hip hop is coming under fire for being too negative, the last thing we need is to see it being used to promote alcohol. What makes it even more surprising is the fact the artists partaking in this promotion are supposed to be the more “conscious” emcees currently out. I guess even the “conscious” ones can be bought for the right price. Maybe hip hop does deserve some of the harsh criticism that it receives. It could be worst though. They could be promoting for Hennessy, Courvosier, Patrón, or any other overrated liquor that you hear in today’s hip hop songs.

liqour.jpg hip-hop-evolution-print-c10111666.jpeg


Source: Hip Hop DX




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