Nike COLAB Series

Started a few years back, Nike’s Colab project sought to combine the talents of select sub-culture artists on select Nike products in order to give them a new twist. Now the Colab series is back and the results are definitively bound to turn a few heads. Nike teamed up with Dutch illustrator and designer Parra, Misha from PAM and Todd James, better known as REAS. Each artist designed a t-shirt, shoe and windrunner giving each piece their own trademark designs and colors. Check them out here

am95-1.jpg am-95-2.jpg am-95-3.jpg am-90-1.jpg am-90-2.jpg am-90-3.jpg

cort-1.jpg cort-2.jpg cort-3.jpg green-back.jpg nijk1gn-01.jpg nijj9bk-01.jpg

nijj8ny-01.jpg nitj3bn-01.jpg imagephp.jpg nitj6rd-01.jpg nitj8bk-01.jpg

Pics: Hanon 


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