New Nooka

Nooka has just released its new Zub Zenv watches in fresh new colors for the spring. The Zub Zenv model uses an innovative time-telling system in which the first two columns display hours 1-6 and 7-12 respectively. The third column is reserved for minutes while the seconds are displayed on a small LED screen on the right. Each watch also comes with an alarm and EL back light. Check out your local urban boutique while supplies last.

watch_blkbarsnooka_small.jpg watch_whtbarsnooka_small.jpg watch_zenbluenooka_small.jpg watch_zengrnnooka_small.jpg watch_zenorangenooka_small.jpg watch_zenrednooka_small.jpg watch_zenyellownooka_small.jpg watch_zubgreynooka_small.jpg  watch_zubolivenooka_small.jpg

Pics: Digital Gravel 


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