That’s Not Cool to Be – 2nd Edition

Sunglasses at Night

If you’ve ever been to a club on a summer’s night, then you might have already spotted this somewhat common fashion faux pas. Why anyone would ever wear a pair of shades at night is totally beyond me, but time and time again I have witnessed it. The person that made it socially acceptable to wear sunglasses in the evening ought to be punished for this heinous crime. Seriously though, do these people realize how comical they look when they walk into a venue wearing an accessory meant for the daytime? I guess the next trend will consist of carrying umbrellas on dry days. The culprits for this befuddling trend can be found in the images displayed in music videos. It’s a shame that we try to dress like the rock/rap stars of today when in reality, they don’t even dress themselves most of the time (they’re called stylists, almost every celebrity has one). It’s almost as if when people go out to clubs nowadays, they try to reenact farcical scenes seen on music videos just a few days prior. At any rate, leave the sunglasses home past 7 p.m. and next time you consider whether or not to wear your shades at night, remember that That’s Not Cool to Be.


One Response to “That’s Not Cool to Be – 2nd Edition”

  1. Most definitely “that’s not cool to be.” I’m thinking they believe they are hot sh*t wearing the glasses at night…

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