Beef with Jay-Z

Someone inform Hot 97, write Vibe magazine, shout it out on a mixtape; UnconVentionaL has an official beef with Jay-Z. OK, maybe it’s not really that serious and it’s not really a “beef”, but I do have a gripe with Young Hov, Hovito, Great Hov, or any other incarnations or aliases he might have. This gripe stems from the simple fact that he sucks and there isn’t too many people who can recognize this easily recognizable truth. They say that we are currently living in the information age. Well, can someone please inform Jay-Z that he sucks? Maybe I’m being too harsh, cause with hip hop’s poor current condition, mediocre artists, like Jay-Z, are being applauded for releasing what can only be described as hot garbage. So, maybe he doesn’t relatively stink to what is currently being played on the airwaves, but compared to his old material, he lies in the same category as Lil Wayne and other punchline rappers. The most upsetting thing about it all, is that he really could have been the savior of hip hop but instead, he had to swallow the blue pill and continue churning out formulaic songs year after year. I mean, as the president of a company, why is he still making songs about selling pies and shooting people? Where is the growth, the maturity? He was the one that was supposed to usher in the new era of hip hop, not keep it in the doldrums in which it has been stuck for years. Look at the guy’s track record for the past four years; The Black Album, which had outstanding production, was lyrically, a sub-par album, Kingdom Come was similar in fashion, but had even worse lyrics and his latest release, has a few gems but eventually falls short of being a great album. If you really think about it, his last hot album was released back in 2002, it is now 2007. That’s a one hot album every five-year average and that’s so laaame.


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