That’s Not Cool to Be – 1st Edition

This is the first edition of UnconVentionaL’s new bi-weekly post entitled “That’s Not Cool to Be”. This post series will attempt to expose and defraud all of the so -called “cool” trends that are readily observable to me. Any and every thing is a target and can be subjected to my scrutiny as I see fit. The posts will be heavily biased and may even offend some, but that will not stop me from hopefully, killing some of the lame and even God-aweful trends that exist in today’s American society. So here is the inaugural post of “That’s Not Cool to Be”.

Foot Locker Dunks

One can only laugh when you think about the image of a Foot Locker Dunk. I mean, what the heck is that thing and why does it come in the lamest colors imaginable? It’s almost as if Nike was like “You know what would be funny? Let’s have the interns design shoes for Foot Locker and see if people actually buy them.” What makes it worse is that the ones that buy their Dunks from Foot Locker actually think they have something exclusive. They’ll have the matching all-over pront skull hoody and fitted to boot and walk out the door like “Yeah, I’m the crispiest kid on the block” (Yes, these dudes actually say crispy). In all honesty, you should only be buying shoes from Foot Locker for use on the court or some other respected athletic playing field. So for all of those people out there wearing Foot Locker Dunks, please stop because, That’s Not Cool to Be.


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