Steel House

My guess is that this house will not be the prototype of future houses, but it is really interesting however. Constructed primarily of steel, designer, Robert Bruno, has created a house that, when viewed from a distance, looks as if it is walking through the landscape. The interior is reminiscent of an anthill with all of its twists and turns. Don’t expect this house to become more of the norm, as this is only a personal creation of the designer. So if you’re ever in Lubbock Texas, be sure to check it out. If you can’t make it there, just look at the pics below and determine whether or not you will want to commission Robert Bruno to design your next home.






Images: Eikongraphia


3 Responses to “Steel House”

  1. robert, not james

  2. Stormy Clason Says:

    Very amazing, just utterly mind-blowing! If I had something like that I guarentee you that even after the house was paid off, I would find excuses to continually give the person I bought it from my money.

  3. Call Ms. Mouse Says:

    That is so cool. My cats would become entirely lost in there. I probably would, too!

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