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Alife x Reebok Court Victory Pump – Part 2

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Yes, it is true. The famed Alife x Reebok collaboration is back in two new colors and women sizes as well! For those who are unaware, the Alife x Reebok Court Victory Pump features an upper which is made out of a tennis ball felt material and the archaic Pump technology. I personally own a pair of Court Victory Pumps and let me tell you, they definitely are attention grabbers no matter where you go. Sadly, if you live on the East Coast, Alife NYC will not be selling these, but you can get them here.They will however, sell the matching t-shirts this Saturday December 1st. Check out the pics below.






Images: ALIFE


Marc Jacobs Interview

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Murakami. It seems as if the pop, art, music, and fashion worlds are going crazy with anything associated with famed Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. Recently known for doing the artwork for Kanye West’s Graduation album, he has recently done a collaboration with high fashion label, Luis Vuitton which is garnering much hype in art and fashion circles. Watch this interview and see how profoundly he has affected the artistic director of Luis Vuitton.

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Video: Moca 

Who is Kenn Starr?

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Coming from relatively unknown Suffolk, Virginia, Kenn Starr is in my opinion, one of the best new MCs I’ve heard in the past year. He has a calm steady flow that is pleasing to the ears and punchlines that are highly original but without th excessive depth of say, a Lupe Fiasco. Check out this joint from his debut album, Starr Status entitled “Against the Grain” and become a believer.


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That’s Not Cool to Be – 2nd Edition

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Sunglasses at Night

If you’ve ever been to a club on a summer’s night, then you might have already spotted this somewhat common fashion faux pas. Why anyone would ever wear a pair of shades at night is totally beyond me, but time and time again I have witnessed it. The person that made it socially acceptable to wear sunglasses in the evening ought to be punished for this heinous crime. Seriously though, do these people realize how comical they look when they walk into a venue wearing an accessory meant for the daytime? I guess the next trend will consist of carrying umbrellas on dry days. The culprits for this befuddling trend can be found in the images displayed in music videos. It’s a shame that we try to dress like the rock/rap stars of today when in reality, they don’t even dress themselves most of the time (they’re called stylists, almost every celebrity has one). It’s almost as if when people go out to clubs nowadays, they try to reenact farcical scenes seen on music videos just a few days prior. At any rate, leave the sunglasses home past 7 p.m. and next time you consider whether or not to wear your shades at night, remember that That’s Not Cool to Be.

Raf Simmons Astronaut Boot

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To release something of this form is utterly unconscionable in every sense of the word. That is not to say I wouldn’t rock these to a party or club just to appear tawdry for the occasion. If you concur, check them out here





Via: Oki-Ni

Way Back Throwback

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Check out this classic entitled “Runnin'” off of The Pharcyde’s 1995 album, Labcabincalifornia. I know this one has to bring back memories.


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ARC Party in NYC

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On Wednesday November 14th, The Alife Rivington Club hosted a party to commemorate the launch of the North Face NSE special collector’s release from Goldwin Japan. The party had great music from the live DJ and the free food and drinks added icing to an already delicious cake. And if you were one of the luck few that attended, you might have even recognized John Brown from VH1’s The White Rapper Show. Check out some of the pics and vids below from the affair. Oh yeah, and shout out to NYC’s Pies and Thighs. They probably have some of the best finger food I have ever tasted.