Who is Skyzoo?

What the heck is a Skyzoo? That was the question I asked when I first heard his name mentioned on a track with Little Brother. You might have seen him performing quite some time ago on BET’s “Freestyle Friday” against forgotten Asian rapper Jin, since then however, Skyzoo has been making moves in the underground hip hop world. Hearing him first rap, I though that he was just another typical Brooklyn emcee with that same Biggie-like style. But after listening to him again on some Justus League tracks and then on his debut album “Cloud 9: The Three Day High”, I realized that there was something that separated him from your archetypal New York rapper. And what even furthers his merit is that supposedly, the album was recorded in only three days- sound impressive? Well, it should, especially considering the fact that the work has the production quality and lyricism of a thoroughly put together album and not just another street mixtape. So check out this song entitled “Stop Fooling Yourself” from his debut album and see what you think.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

One Response to “Who is Skyzoo?”

  1. Zoo is the rawest. And He Real Ass Emcee. He keeps it real with underground artist. If you need a drop a verse him hosting he got you. That why he’s the next to blow.

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