Streetwear Today

Those of you out there who are serious about streetwear should definitely pick up a copy of Streetwear Today. The quarterly released German magazine breaks down all of the latest trends in streetwear and also has some artist interviews to keep you interested as well. And having Futura on the cover means it has to has to be good, right? Warning! This magazine is only for those fanatical about streetwear; you know, the ones who only let MHI and Visvim touch their body and carry their keys and iPods in Head Porter cases. (Note: If you are unfamiliar with at least two out of the three aforementioned brands, do not pick up a copy of this magazine. All others, you can get it here).


Image: Digital Gravel


One Response to “Streetwear Today”

  1. Maybe we’ll pick one up and check it out

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