New Alife x Asics Gel Lite III

Always known for stepping out of the box in the sneaker game, Alife and Asics have teamed up to deliver something well…unconventional. The new collaboration features a re-design of the Asics Gel Lite III in the form of an alligator which maybe could be to capitalize on the craze associated with Halloween. The eyelets, fortunately removable, are in the shape of alligator eyes. Personally, I think they are ugly and has led Alife to drop from my favorite shoe company to now my second favorite. The only thing that I like about the collection, are the shirts that are being sold in conjunction with the shoes. The shoes and t-shirts will be released October 27th and can be purchased here

black.jpg black_eye.jpg green_eye.jpg green_logo.jpg group_tee.jpg red_detail.jpg white_detail.jpg black_detail1.jpg

Images: Alife


3 Responses to “New Alife x Asics Gel Lite III”

  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  2. Idetrorce you’re a moron…who wants shoes that look like an alligator? Retarded idea…many of the other off-the-wall ideas in fashion and footwear are defensible but this clearly isn’t. Idiotic concept. The shirts aren’t bad but if I ever see anyone wearing these I’m gonna spill a drink on them and ruin them.

  3. i own these Says:

    I own these shoes, you spill a drink on em… im knocking you out, respect everyones liking…

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