Amalgamation of Style

I’m so confused these days. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t know how I should dress. Should I go Rockstar and wear a rhinestone encrusted t-shirt with a pair of True Religion jeans and a pocket chain? Or how about preppy with a cardigan, printed flat-front slacks and a pair of dock shoes? Maybe the backpacker look, with a Mishka t-shirt, raw selvedge jeans, and a pair of ALIFEs. What about if I combine all three and create something that is truly unique? Yeah, that will work and it is working for trendy and not so trendy youths in America’s big cities. The mixing of styles however, has created major problems in urban areas across the country. Cops no longer know who to profile and shop owners are confused as to who to watch because young black kids in urban areas are wearing brands like Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, and American Eagle. Their shirts have become smaller and so have their jeans too as the stereotypical “hood” image has been given a new definition. Sure, people are still wearing baggy clothes, but at a diminishing rate. So who is the culprit(s) behind this new blending of styles? I blame the music industry, more specifically: Kanye, Pharrell, Dipset, and Fergie. Each one of these individuals has had a hand in changing the way black people are currently dressing. Kanye made it cool to be preppy and dress somewhat metrosexual. Pharrell brought skateboard style to the hood. Dipset gave us the rhinestone t-shirt and pocket chain and without Fergie, would most people have even heard of True Religion? Personally, I think the mixing of styles is very interesting and quite welcomed. Let’s face it, overly baggy clothes are kind of silly looking and has a certain negative stigma attached to it, and without them, I think that we are collectively much better as a modern society. Now that our wares have changed, will our mindsets follow suit too, or am just being overly philosophical for no reason? Whatever, let me just shut up. Oh by the way, does anyone know where I placed my new creme Sperry Topsiders?


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