It’s Not a Murse, It’s a Man Bag

If you live in a major metropolitan area, then you have seen them. Some swing from the shoulder, others are grasped firmly in the clutches of the owner. They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes and are the new staple of the modern day man. Some refer to them as murses (man + purse), some call them man bags. Whatever the designation, you can see them being worn by today’s gay, straight, and metrosexual men across America. So why the new trend? Why now? If you’re a gay man, then the association is obvious, but what about the straight ones? Well, some would argue that because designers are making jeans even tighter, the functionality of the jean pocket has been rendered all but obsolete. As stylish men, we just do not have anywhere to put our stuff anymore. Plus, with companies making more and more gadgets that us men continue to buy, the predicament greatly increases. I mean, you have your keys, phone, mp3 player, wallet, prophylactics, etc…and you see how the modern man can easily run out of space to hold all of his stuff. I guess you could just buy a utility belt and wear everything around your waist like Batman, but that’s just not realistic. So the next logical option would be to buy some sort of portable storage device, that is stylish yet practical. Take precaution however, the size and color of the bag will say a lot about you. Get one too small or too large in the wrong color, and you’ll be perceived as being gay. For the straight, confident man, it’s safe  to go with a medium sized-one in a neutral color. But, if you’re the flashy type, go with a white one and watch how many female compliments you’ll get throughout the week. So there you have it, you’re guide to murses, I mean man bags. And if you see me on a downtown corner, rockin’ the white puma, forget what you say, I’m fresher than you on my worst day.


One Response to “It’s Not a Murse, It’s a Man Bag”

  1. Good post…Im feelin the topic. There just might be something to the utility belt thing tho.

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