I’m So Hood

Where are the protests? Where are the riots? Where is the media outcry? The new song from DJ Khaled and company deserves all of these things and more. Murder, getting high, selling drugs, gambling, gold teeth, sagging jeans, getting chased by the police are just some of the topics presented and glorified in this song. When did all these things become the highlights that were picked to be the representations of poor black communities across this country? People say, they don’t watch the news because it’s filled with nothing but negativity then, those same people will go and turn the channel to BET or MTV Jams. I guess those patriarchal, misogynistic, ignorant images and lyrics are much more positive than your local news. What makes me mad about the whole thing, is that these so-called “black leaders” do not make a fuss about the trash that is being shown daily to our children, but get their panties in a bunch about something like the Jena 6. And yes, I’m saying it, the Jena 6 did not need the national outcry that it received. Six boys, one already on probation for a previous crime, jumped another kid in response to a hate crime. Is one hate crime justification for committing another? The charges were a little excessive but, you just can’t go around putting people in the hospital, end of story. And when you factor in that there were six against one, you realize how easily that boy could have been killed. Anyway, back to the topic at hand, currently, songs like “I’m So Hood” and others have created the new 21st century minstrel show. But instead of Mr. Bojangles, you have artists like Rick Ross and Trick Daddy that have contributed greatly to the devolution of black music and culture into a mockery that makes fun of itself, promotes recurring negative stereotypes, and is nothing but a free marketing tool to sell consumer goods. I can take it anymore. Can someone tell me when The Cool is coming out?

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2 Responses to “I’m So Hood”

  1. well said!

  2. I think you’re right on point man. The DJ Khaleed video is simply an example of the degeneration of NOT only Black people as a whole, but total society. In an American culture which endorses sex, violence, and non-Christian values, personalities such as DJ Khaleed and Lil Jon are allowed to amass riches while simply giving the public what they want.
    I do not financially or any other way endorse the Hip-Hop “culture” that is prevalent on our tv screen and in the streets, but unfortunately the majority of our race does. To understand WHY African-American youth resort to throwing their money into the pit which is hip-hop, I think it first has to be understood what values are being taught in the household….You could write a whole treatsie on this issue!

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