Samples vs. Original Beats

9th Wonder, Pete Rock, Just Blaze, The Heatmakerz, Kanye West; all of these producers have made their respected careers out of heavily using samples. The question is; should we give them as much credit as they have been receiving? Now sampling has been a large part of hip hop for as long as I can remember but, should we be applauding the producers who painstakingly work to bring us listeners a new kind of sound? I’m not saying that producers who use samples do not work hard, I’m just saying it takes a lot more creativity and originality to make a beat from scratch. I mean, if you compare a lot of the samples that 9th Wonder uses to the final product, there isn’t that much of a difference sometimes. Or if you listen to Diplomatic Immunity produced by Heatmakerz, you realize that most of the beats are just sped up versions of the original sample with pitch changes here and there. Maybe I’m being a little too harsh on these producers, but as a fan of hip hop and music in general, I look for creativity and originality. You know, producers like The Neptunes or Danger Mouse that can make beats from scratch and create a sound that is totally new and original. In a time where most are complaining about the lack of originality currently existing in hip hop, maybe it’s time we shift some of the blame from the performers and to the people behind the scenes.


9 Responses to “Samples vs. Original Beats”

  1. As a DJ, I 100% agree with this J-Rod!!!!!

  2. are you retarded? the art of making beats using samples is is as hard if not harder for the most part than making something from scratch, have you ever tried chopping samples, programming drums or looking for horn or guitar chords etc that are all in the same key so they sound nice, have you ever listened to joe simons drowning in a sea of love then listened to know my steeze to hear what premo did with it? as for dangermouse, that dude doesnt make his music from scratch he uses nothing but euro library records for every freakin song> you want to talk about dudes that straigh jack shit, he is your man! seriously i think you need to listen to some more pete rock premo no ID dilla and just blaze and actually get an opinion based on fact rather than talking the s**t you are.

  3. Pete Rock has claimed that he has a library of over 4,000 vinyls and uses at least one of them in every song. Jus samples heavily and doesn’t even makes all of his beats himself. Kanye, Jus and many others have producers who act as “interns”, and they sometimes take credit for their beats. I don’t hate any of these producers, in fact, they’re some of my favorite. All I’m saying is, if composers in other genres of music can make original beats, then why can’t most hip hop producers do the same? I’m not denying the work of the modern hip hop producer, just questioning their level of creativity.

  4. sampling is appropriation of the original material and using it to create a new or better version. it’s like modern day art. music is art.

  5. What a totally bullshit post. Perhaps you should inject some of this creativity and originality you speak of into your blog, rather than pulling some impertinent, uneducated and opinionated crap out of your ass.

  6. GIL GRISSOM Says:

    Jay Dee !!! Dilla’s infinite !

    rip !


  7. i love making original beats, i always do, but i think sampling is a cool thing too, we can make new versions of every classics of all time, ya know 🙂

  8. hip hop did started out with sample beats 🙂

  9. You are very much correct; hip hop was founded on the break beats of old Funk and Jazz records. Maybe I should have focused more on the originality of the samples used rather than just the origin of the beat.

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