Assasination Attempt

Today, there was a reported assassination attempt on the world of hip hop when alleged suspect, Soulja Boy was listed on both on Billboard’s “Hot 100” and Y! Music as having the top single in the country. We all know the song and we all have seen the dance, so is this news a surprise to us? Well, not for me. I mean, let’s face it, the song is just so darn catchy that, how can you not sing along to at least some of the words? It may be one of the worst songs of the last decade, but it once again adds strong evidence to support the debatable, “downward spiral” of hip hop. Hip Hop has dodged bullets and defeated agents before, but how long until it succumbs to the pressures of the all-encompassing “matrix”? I am not sure if I am totally equipped to answer that question, but I am not yet disillusioned, and will continue to wait for the “chosen one” that will someday “free our minds”.



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