So-Called “Sneakerheads”

With the rise in popularity of internet retail and auction sites (think ebay), the modern-day sneakerhead has a plethora of options when it comes to copping a fresh new pair of kicks. With so many places for one to buy shoes from these days, “sneakerheads” are literally being born overnight. Now it’s possible for some kid out in Nowhere, South Dakota to have feet just a fly as someone living in Philly or New York. But what constitutes a sneakerhead? Is it defined by the number of kicks you own? Personally, I don’t think that necessarily constitutes being one if you use only quantity as the only metric. Or is it judged by the exclusiveness of what you have? I think that measure gets you a little closer but not right on. Just because you have a pair of the Dunkles or Alife x Puma First Rounds, doesn’t make you one either. To me, a true “sneakerhead” is that dude you know who’s been in the game for years and has the look and smell of a true veteran. That dude who missed work just to stand outside of line to cop a pair. The one who has a pair of original Jordan XIs from when he was a kid. The dude who buys shoes cause he just likes them and not because they were in the latest issue of SneakerFreaker or up yesterday on Hypebeast. So all you folks who only own shoes made in the past three years; you’re not sneakerheads.


3 Responses to “So-Called “Sneakerheads””

  1. Haha! SO true. I used to call myself a sneakerhead. I’m more interested in quality than quantity (I mean, not EVERY new colorway of dunks is fresh), I can’t even compete with the true collectors out there.

  2. blahahahah Says:

    get over it

  3. hahahaha no one cares.

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