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Who is Skyzoo?

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What the heck is a Skyzoo? That was the question I asked when I first heard his name mentioned on a track with Little Brother. You might have seen him performing quite some time ago on BET’s “Freestyle Friday” against forgotten Asian rapper Jin, since then however, Skyzoo has been making moves in the underground hip hop world. Hearing him first rap, I though that he was just another typical Brooklyn emcee with that same Biggie-like style. But after listening to him again on some Justus League tracks and then on his debut album “Cloud 9: The Three Day High”, I realized that there was something that separated him from your archetypal New York rapper. And what even furthers his merit is that supposedly, the album was recorded in only three days- sound impressive? Well, it should, especially considering the fact that the work has the production quality and lyricism of a thoroughly put together album and not just another street mixtape. So check out this song entitled “Stop Fooling Yourself” from his debut album and see what you think.


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New Mishka New Eras

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New York streetwear company, Mishka, has released some new New Era fitted caps featuring some of their usual peculiar themed designs. For those of you who can’t read the name of the company, it’s because it’s in Russian. Get them here




Images: East West


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Okay, we all know that the cliche Jason mask is not cool to wear anymore for Halloween, but what about a hoodie with a Jason mask attached? LRG brings back the iconic mask with a little style added to it and shows that Jason can still be a popular costume for Halloween. Just don’t wear the hoodie fully zipped on normal days or you might run into a little trouble with 5-0. Get it here


yhst-43866466247935_1972_146256775.jpgImages: East West

Eco-Friendly Art

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Hybrid cars, organic cotton, solar panels, and now graffiti? Yes, it seems like everyday you hear talk about going “green” and I guess the trend has caught on in the art world as well. Hungarian street artist, Edina Tokodi, has incorporated green ideals in her new street art campaign in Willamsburg, Brooklyn. The new age graffiti main ingredient is moss, a plant that is very resilient to different climate conditions. Ms. Tokodi says that she wants to reconnect urban denizens back with nature, something that is truly lost in many of America’s cities. Hey, if her campaign means promoting more greenery throughout the city, then I am all for it. Check out the pics below.




mosswall_budapest.jpg nypieces_jan2007.jpg

Images: Inhabitat

Source : InHabitat via Eco-friendly Art

Streetwear Today

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Those of you out there who are serious about streetwear should definitely pick up a copy of Streetwear Today. The quarterly released German magazine breaks down all of the latest trends in streetwear and also has some artist interviews to keep you interested as well. And having Futura on the cover means it has to has to be good, right? Warning! This magazine is only for those fanatical about streetwear; you know, the ones who only let MHI and Visvim touch their body and carry their keys and iPods in Head Porter cases. (Note: If you are unfamiliar with at least two out of the three aforementioned brands, do not pick up a copy of this magazine. All others, you can get it here).


Image: Digital Gravel

Dutch Design Week

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Dutch Design Week had officially begun over the weekend, already yielding some interesting designs. Taking place in Eindhoven, the week-long affair approves that there is more to the Dutch than just clogs and Heineken. For all of you design aficionados, the pictures below should surely suit your fancy.






Images: Moco Loco

Minneapolis Architecture

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Alright, many of my readers have complained that this site is filled with nothing but hip hop and clothing with none of the culture that had been promised. Well, here is the first post that brings a little culture to UnconVentionaL. It’s a video that talks about the innovative architecture that can be found in many of Minneapolis’ buildings. Check it out and get a little culture in your life.

Video: Cool Hunting